Patrick Lolot de Albuquerque (PLDA) is a French Brazilian entrepreneur in the blockchain technologies.

Patrick Lolot de Albuquerque, 2020

What is his professional background?

Patrick spent his childhood in the Paris region. He grew up in a modest family, originally from the island of Guadeloupe. Passionate about technology, he bought his first computer (Oric Atmos) in 1985, and start to create softwares by himself. In 1995, he increased his knowledge by studying computer engineering in Paris.

Patrick is graduated in the University Paris Descartes (IUT of Paris, 1996-1998), National Conservatory of Arts and Crafts (CNAM, 1998 to 1999), and Pierre and Marie Curie Campus (Jussieu Campus, 1999 to 2000) .

He studied Internet technologies with Professor Gilbert Sol, a pioneer in telematics in France. At the time, Professor Sol was head of the Network and Telematics Applications Master.

In 2004, he created PC Business Multimedia, a computer workshop in Guadeloupe. Subsequently, he began a career as a systems engineer in 2008, then consultant in new technologies in 2012 in Paris.

In 2014, he spent three years in the Northeast region of Brazil. Patrick specializes in internet marketing and works with French content creators: writers, journalists, trainers, musicians.

From then on, he often traveled between Brazil and France.

In 2019, Patrick devotes more time to analyzing innovative projects relating to blockchain technologies and cryptocurrencies.

In 2020, he launched the technological magazine